How do I download photos on mobile?
To download your photos on mobile, go to your gallery and select the photos you would like to download or click download all (if available). Enter your email into the provided field and wait for your photos to be prepared. A link will be sent to your email when the photos are ready to download. Upon clicking on the link, you may be asked for your email again. Once submitted, click on the file link and your device will prompt you to download. Upon completion, open your browser's downloads folder and select the downloaded .zip file, this will take you to the files app where you may need to select the zip file again to unzip it, once the file is unzipped a new folder will be created containing the photos you downloaded. From there you can select the photos you wish to save and click the share icon to save them.
What if I forgot my gallery password?
If you've forgotten your gallery password, please contact me.
Can I get my gallery extended?
By default, galleries are available for 30 days, minimum after an event depending on circumstances a gallery extension may be granted. If you would like to request an extension, please contact me.
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